Roplink services is committed to ensure that all technicians and other stakeholders are free from harm all the time. We adhere to world standards when it comes to occupational health and safety. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for all affected by our work activities.  We maintain a program for managing safety, health and welfare in a manner that will prevent ill health or injury and protect the safety, health and wellbeing of staff, management, visitors, contractors and members of the public who may be affected by work activities on our premises or company controlled activities off premises.

We are committed to
  • Implement the OHSAS 18001 Specification in all our work processes
  • Create awareness of Health and Safety risks and encourage individual responsibility within our team.
  • Identify hazards, assess associated risks and implement appropriate mitigation measures to eliminate or minimise risks.
  • Participate in all Roplink Services safety initiatives, long-term goals and support policies and procedures.