Roplink Services is a commercial rope access company established in 2001. We are the pioneers of rope access in Zimbabwe with an impeccable safety and work ethic record. Our sterling reputation with the best clients in industry is a testament to our dedication to their success.  And speaks to the exceptional quality of our technicians who make this company what it is.

Roplink Services thrives on solving complex challenges in extreme locations and making a real difference in workplace safety. We continuously seek advancement of current and new technologies and innovative ways to deliver our services. Roplink Services managed by a team with many years of experience in their respective fields and a reputation for providing a reliable, safe and quality service.


Roplink Services"Accessing The Inaccessible"

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  • Industrial

    We are specialists in industrial rope access, able carry out a diverse range of work across multiple industries in Sub-Saharan Africa MORE
  • Maintenance

    Our quality assurance and quality control services help you ensure compliance with all contractual specifications MORE
  • Netting

    Safety netting allows for a dynamic, less intrusive protection for workers above and below, and are unrestricted by size and shape MORE

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The Bottom Line: Rope Access vs. Other Access Methods

The Bottom Line: Rope Access vs. Other Access Methods

Although rope access is an accepted form of access, we continue to hear questions about this versatile access method and how it fits into the workplace.  Lets take a few minutes to understand how rope access fits into industrial projects.Rope access techniques can be used by any organization that conducts work at height. Prior to the advent of...

The Economy of Efficient Work at Heights

The Economy of Efficient Work at Heights

In the case of needing to work at heights, companies regularly turn to scaffolding or cranes. But there is an inherent trap in doing things the way they have always been done, as companies miss more efficient opportunities – as well as less expensive and less dangerous. Using ropes to access work at heights is economic in more ways than one: this e...

Professional Service

irata Roplink Servics' rope access technicians are IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certified. IRATA is the only international association governing industrial rope access ensuring the highest standards in safety, operations and training. Rope access technicians who have been IRATA trained and certified have the benefit of having their qualification recognised world-wide.

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